Georgette shared with us her passion for fashion. (Say that outloud - it's fun!) We designed our own outfits, picked out fabric and made a satchel to take home. Georgette impressed upon the kids that God is a God of creativity and has made us all unique. She praised the kids for their fashion choices and encouraged them to live into how God had made them unique and to show that through their fashion. Thank you, Georgette!

flower arranging

Nancy shared her talent of flower arranging. She encouraged the kids to worship Creator God who made each flower. She impressed upon the kids to seek to love others and enhance what is happening around them with flowers. When there is joy, flowers add more joy. When there is loss, flowers comfort and soothe. Kids then rotated to stations where they made an arrangement, identified flowers and made a card to go with the arrangement. Thank you, Nancy, for bringing your passion and love for others to us!

feelings doctor

Alicia is a therapist (we called her a feelings doctor) and she spent the morning pointing us

to God and teaching us tools
We then rotated to stations where kids made a cootie catcher to use when they are angry, 

they practiced mindfulness activities

and worked with Alicia to identify certain emotions and a practice to go with them. 

Our main idea for the morning was

we can take our BIG feelings to our BIG God. Thank you, Alicia, for such a rich morning! 


On this Sunday Brenda came with driftwood prepared with holes, succulents, all kinds of moss and to share with us about gardening and plants. Brenda pointed out that we live in God's garden, the world, reminded us of what plants need to survive and encouraged us to care for the plants we picked as God cares for his world. There was so much goodness to what Brenda brought to us - including amazing succulent gardens each child got to take home. Thank you, Brenda!

disability awareness

Paige came in to share with the kids about her disability. Paige is visually impaired and shared how God meets her in her disability. Kids rotated through stations of trying to do things blindfolded, or visually impaired. They also tried to get through doors or pick things up in a wheelchair. Paige also typed each child's name in braille. We are so grateful for your perspective and time, Paige! 


Anthony, from Garcia's Baked Goods, shared with us about his love, talent and service of baking. He talked about how we can show love to others through food, gave us examples of God loving people with food in the Bible, and then had us decorate nearly 100 cupcakes to serve at our church BBQ. Thank you, Anthony for an amazing morning and for sharing with us!


Gene prepared wood to for each child to build a birdhouse. Kids were provided with their own screwdriver and candy Peeps to take home. It was amazing to see how incredibly excited the kids were to take the house home, and how much self-confidence they acquired through the project. Gene has always given all of his myriad of talents to Redeemer Kids, and this week was no different. Thank you, Gene!

morse code

David taught us so much about radios, morse code and communication. Though we learned about this form of communication David taught the kids that God loves to communicate and be in relationship with us. Kids spelled out their name in morse code, practiced tapping their name, sent their name out on the radio waves and made their name in a morse code bracelet. Thank you, David, for your bringing this hobby to us!