Mike & Bonnie Dighton shared about their love of motorcycle riding on June 12th. They taught kids about the motorcycles and how they connect with God and have some of their better prayer times while riding. Kids had a chance to sit on the motorcycles, rides bikes of their own and got some bandanas and tattoos.


Ryan Wilkerson came in on June 19th after spending the week setting up his trains in Swenson Hall. It was a smaller group of kids that day, but I believe the adults enjoyed it just as equally. It was a great opportunity for us to talk about play and how God is a God of fun.


Becky Pecoraro shared her love of volleyball both as a player and as a coach on June 26th. She mentioned how she would often times pray to win, but then realized that she needed to do her best and trust God for the outcome. As the kids rotated to stations we talked about trusting God even when we feel like our way might be the ‘right’ way. 


On July 3rd, the kids took a turn preparing the fellowship food for the entire congregation. We talked about hospitality and the importance of being like Jesus and welcoming all people into our midst. Kids brewed coffee, cut treats and made signs to welcome the congregation after the Worship Service. It was a fantastic morning. 

disc golf

Jacob Johnson, our Youth Director, brought the love of all things disc golf to us on July 10th. Kids learned technique, had some competition and even went home with a prize. Jacob reminded us of the goodness of God’s creation and encouraged kids to put down devises and get out and explore this good world God has given us.


July 17th we had the awesome privilege of welcoming two triathlon horse competitors to our God in Everyday Life Series. 

Kids took turn riding Stella and Marley, brushed them and even gave them treats. Who knew horses like sweet tarts and gummy worms!?!?

We were reminded of the good gifts that God gives and encouraged to be responsible and take care of his good creation - which most definitely includes these magnificent horses. 


CJ Taylor spent the morning showing us his love of running. CJ talked about how he sees God while he pushes his body to the limit. CJ had just run a 50 km race the day before! We took turns running with CJ and refueling along the way.

card making

Card making was a fantastic morning lead by Patricia Allison who shared her talent, supplies, and love with us. She talked about how she uses her cards to encourage, inspire, and show love. Kids got to make their own cards to send to others.