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  • Kids night out / / Friday, May 17th 4pm-7pm

    Calling all kids for a night of food, fun and friends! Join us at Redeemer May 17th from 4pm-7pm. This Kids Night Out is all about Pizza and PokemonBring your Pikachu slippers, stuffies, cards and more! It's a Pokemon themed night! Cost is $15 per child, dinner included. RSVP here.

  • Women's spring tea / / may 18th @10:30am

    Our God is a God of beauty, truth, and relationship. Everyday we are invited to take beauty and truth in. Invited into relationship. But sadly, often times we are too busy, unaware, or too distracted to notice. Gathering around a beautifully set table, with other women, sharing drink and food that is meant to be savored - this is a rare opportunity to say 'yes' to the invitation. Women of all ages are invited to gather together on May 18th @10:30am in Swenson Hall for tea and brunch. Please RSVP here.

  • Church service throughout the city / / may 19th @10am

    On Sunday, May 19th Redeemer Covenant will be meeting in 4 different locations. We will be holding simultaneous worship services at Carlton Senior Living, Almond Heights, Blossom Vale Senior Living and our own Worship Center. Join us as we worship together with live preaching, worship and time of fellowship. Please let us know which location you will be attending so we can plan accordingly by clicking here

  • women of valor book club / / may 19th @5:30pm

    The Women of Valor book club will be meeting Sunday, May 19th @5:30pm at the home of Sarah Eyanson. They will be discussing

     She Deserves Better by Sheila Wray Gregoire. All Women of Redeemer are welcome. For location and childcare details please contact Alicia Pharis.

  • Train show in Swenson hall / / June 1st & 2nd

    Model trains and their to-scale landscape will fill all of Swenson Hall. Come explore real places and watch trains run. Learn from the builders and enjoy the trains together. This is a free event for the whole community. All are welcome! 

  • Women's kayaking / / Every thursday

    Women are invited to join up together at different spots on Lake Natoma and Folsom Lake each Thursday to get out in nature and be together. Locations differ depending on the week. Be sure to contact Christy (916-450-1114) for information about where the group is meeting. Extra kayaks are available if you don't have one of your own. 

  • GENERAL GIVING REPORT - march 2024

    We have provided a way to give online! Just click here to go directly to our online giving page. It is safe and easy to use. Thank you for your generosity.

    Our Leadership Team would like to keep you informed of our church's financial status. Here is a graphic with the figures for March and year-to-date.