Redeemer kids


Children's Church

We are providing safely distanced outdoor Children's Church during the Sunday morning Worship service. Children start with their parents in the service and are dismissed after the announcements. 


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Do you ever stop and think about how big God must be? God created this whole world, all of the planets, and stars in the sky . . . God is really big! Knowing God is big can make us feel small and inconsequential. But the truth is, even the small things are a big deal to God. The story of Job will help everyone realize that even though we are small, God listens to our big feelings, God sees the big picture, God cares about every small problem, and we can also be a big help in small ways.

Seedlings - (Birth-crawlers)

We love babies at Redeemer! We love them when they are tiny and asleep…we love them when they start to smile…we love them when they learn to play…we love them when they are having a tough day! Because we love our babies, we are committed to providing a safe, clean, and nurturing environment for them!

  • The more consistently your child is in the Seedling class, the more comfortable they will become.

  • We know it’s common for babies to cry immediately after parents leave, we will not let your baby cry longer than 5-10 minutes without coming to get you.

  • Please remember, we cannot allow any sick children into our classrooms.

  • We welcome you to “stay and play” with your little one, too!

(walkers-4 years)

We want our Preschoolers to grow

in their knowledge of our King! 

Every child is a unique and special gift from God, 

full of energy and curiosity, ready to soak up life. 

Your child will learn how to treat others

with kindness because of God’s amazing love, 

and they will experience God’s story concretely through instruction and example. 

Our mornings consist of interactive play, 

stories, creative activities, and worship.

 (K-3rd grade)

Our Young Elementary room offers a place where fun and learning come together! We want these children to grow deep roots into the soil of God’s marvelous love. Our goal is to challenge our children to make their faith personal, equipping them to walk in lifelong relationship with their Creator.

We are currently working our way through the Bible with The Gospel Project. We are telling a single story—the story of Jesus and His mission to seek out and restore people to God. From cover to cover, it’s all about Jesus. He is the thread woven throughout the pages of Scripture that holds it all together. The goal is not for kids to know more about God, but instead it is for them to know his deep and marvelous love for them.

 (4th-5th grade)

Our Older Elementary room offers a safe place for kids to delve deeper into the truths of God. 

In our last few years we want to make sure their roots

are well established in the amazing love of God. 

They too are working through a three year journey

through the Bible with The Gospel Project. 

Seeing Jesus in every story and truth, 

applying it in order to know His love more.