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On Sunday mornings Redeemer Kids meet during the Sunday morning Worship service. Children start in the Worship Center with their parents and then are dismissed after the first Worship song to the Children’s Wing (green building) for their own learning activities.


(Birth to Crawlers) We love babies at Redeemer! We love them when they are tiny and asleep…we love them when they start to smile…we love them when they learn to play…we love them when they are having a tough day! Because we love our babies, we are committed to providing a safe, clean, and nurturing environment for them!


(Walkers - 2 years old) 

Every child is a unique and special gift from God, 

full of energy and curiosity, ready to soak up life. 

Your child will learn how to treat others

with kindness because of God’s amazing love, 

and they will experience  God’s story

through instruction and example. 


(3-PreK) This trimester we are exploring Adventures with God! Our goal is to help children foster a relationship with God by learning that God loves them through giving them a body, friends, . At the end of the trimester they will hopefully understand how to take care of the wonderful world God made and give thanks to God for all that He has made in creation.


Elementary: This trimester we are exploring how God cares for us. Kids are learning that Jesus is always with them - no matter where we are, how old we are, or the circumstances we find ourselves in. And it's our hope that kids will respond to God's care with confidence and security.