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Jean Lingenfelter

A Spotlight Interview with Jean.

What has been your greatest joy in the past year

I have peace that Dean is with the Lord and no longer suffering. Having my sons and their families close by

has been such a joy.

Where have you seen God working?

God has been at work as I minister to neighbors

and staff at Carlton. 

Prayer requests: 

That I seek Gods' guidance in all decisions and to be an encouragement to friends and family. I am grateful to RCC

for their love and prayers over this last year. 

Mack & Donna Bowerman

A Spotlight Interview with Donna.

What have you been thankful for in the past year


Spending time with my family and friends. So many precious moments, and my grandkids make my heart smile everyday 😃!

Where have you seen God working? 

It's been a tough year with the loss of Mack's dad to cancer and my diagnosis of breast cancer. Through it all, from finding my cancer very early, to the calls, cards, food, visits, my husbands strength and much more, I have been shown so much love. I have felt so cared for and blessed.

Prayer requests:

For continued healing and maintaining a positive outlook. For the strength to get back to work and my normal routine and stay healthy.  

dave & Caren Parker

A Spotlight Interview with Dave.

What have you been thankful for in the past year

We have had great support from our neighbors, including

two nurses. They continually check in on us. My neighborhood has been faithful and supportive with Dave’s underlying medical conditions. We are thankful for the vaccinations which will get us back to normal.

Where have you seen God working?

We were recently in a car accident. A “good Samaritan“ came

to our assistance. She called the ambulance, the police department and even followed up with us a couple of days later after the accident. Truly a blessing and a good Samaritan.

Prayer requests: 

We are thankful that God has sustained us through this last year. We do ask for continued prayer and healing for Dave’s medical conditions.

Anne Marr

A spotlight interview with Anne.

What has been your greatest joy in the past year?

Enjoying the simple pleasures like walking in the sun and feeling the breeze on my face. I have also been blessed by many calls from my brothers and sisters at RCC. 

Where have you seen God working?

As many of us do, we pray for our children. I was at home, and recall specifically praying for Joy's safety while driving. At that very moment, Joy thought she should get her tires checked on the car. They found a nail and said, "this tire was about to blow." 


Prayer requests:

Please pray that I use my time wisely and that I have stamina.

Jonnie Kuennen

A spotlight interview with Jonnie.

What has been your greatest joy in the last year

and where have you seen God working?

Despite having lost multiple family members and friends this year I still enjoy loving people and talking with everyone. Grateful for my good neighbors. 

I feel the Holy Spirit has been leading me this year.


Prayer requests:

Please pray for continued strength and the right words when talking with others as I reach out. Also pray for the Holy Spirit to continue working on me as He has this past year. 

Bill & Joanne Newton

A spotlight interview with Bill & Joanne.

What has been your greatest joy in 2020 and where have you seen God working?

The pandemic has actually brought families closer together. We are also grateful for those family members who survived COVID. Joanne has had renewed contact with her sisters via zoom, which has continued even now. They are grateful for the donuts and fellowship from Jerry and Becky Kenny. They have also appreciated the outreach phone calls from Jonnie Kuennen.

Prayer requests:

Pray for healing and a good recovery for Bill‘s upcoming back surgery. Also pray for continued health for both Bill and Joanne. Finally, pray that we can all return back to church soon.