Leadership Team Nominees

The 2021 Nomination Team is pleased to announce their nominations for Leadership Team 2022.




Bill Tanner

Bill has been a part of our congregation for 6 years. He has been active in our congregational care ministry, has led small groups, and is leading our Care Home ministry. He is married to Debbie. We appreciate Bill’s heart for God, the Church, and the community.


Gene Edwards

Gene Edwards has been part of our congregation for 37 years. He is married to Lynn. Over the years he has served in many different capacities. He has been in charge of our facilities for years and was instrumental in renovating the Children’s ministry wing. We appreciate Gene’s heart, service, and wisdom.


Guisseppe Ramazzini

Guisseppe served as our Youth Director from 2019-2020. He is passionate about God’s Kingdom and the Church. He has a degree in Biblical Studies from William Jessup University. He is married to Emmie. He and Emmie actively serve in our Children’s Ministry.


Renewing Terms:

John Holmquist


Please plan to attend our next Congregational Business Meeting after Sunday service on December 12th

We will be voting on our new budget, Leadership Team members for 2022. To view (or download) a copy of the proposed budget for 2022, please click here.


  •      Opening prayer and behavioral covenants
  •      Approval of minutes from 11/7/2021
  •      Bonnie’s internship
  •      Budget for 2022
  •      Approval of Nominees to the Leadership Team 2022

  •      Open forum