ADULT bible studies

At Redeemer we are committed to sharing life and the good news with each other. 

Therefore we value the impact that small groups can have on one’s faith journey

and the manner in which support and prayer can be offered in times of need.

There are a number of small group options at Redeemer including those that meet in various homes

or at the church. You're welcome to join any group or contact small group leaders for more information.

  • Wednesday Evening Bible Study

    Meets at 6:30pm - rotating homes

    Led by Pastor Bob

    This group meets at 6:30pm and the location rotates through a number of different homes. Call or Email the church for directions and information. 

  • Wednesday evening Bible Study

    Meets at 7:00pm @ Redeemer - swenson hall

    Led by Stewart Evans

    This group is studying the Book of James. Contact Stewart Evans for more details.  

  • Sunday Morning Bible study

    Meets at 9:00am @ Redeemer - swenson hall

    Led by Jerry Kenny

    This group is currently studying the Gospel of Mark.  Contact Jerry Kenny for more details

  • Sunday morning Bible Study

    Meets at 9:00am @ Redeemer - swenson hall

    Led by mike edwards

    This group is currently studying the book of Galatians.  Contact Mike Edwards for more details. 


    meets at 9:00AM @ Redeemer - room 1

    led by randy roth

    This group of "20-30 somethings" are single, married, or with young families and gather in Bible study together on Sunday mornings at 9am. Their next 10-week study begins on Sunday, October 22 in Room 1. The topic is the book "The Skeletons in God's Closet" taught by Randy Roth. Contact Natalie Godshall for more details.